Quiz – Patient Safety (version 13.2.4)


24 questions that address items in the “Patient Safety” content category of the CPHQ examination.

Version 13.2.4

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This quiz contains a total of 24 CPHQ exam practice questions that address current items in the “Patient Safety” content category. As this quiz is a digital product, access to all questions is immediate upon successful payment – no need to wait for the release of scheduled content. The access period for this quiz is 7 days from time of purchase.

Written by Dr Andy Teh, a leading CPHQ coach and trainer, these questions were developed with CPHQ candidates in mind and improved upon the years.

Each question is accompanied with an explanation for our answer. CPHQ Tutor was the first resource – anywhere in the world – to generate explanations for answers. Over the past 12 years, these explanations have proven to be invaluable to test-takers preparing for the CPQ exam – they provide insight into the rationale for our answer and may include useful references for further reading.

These questions are recommended for any CPHQ candidate except those members who signed up for the CPHQ Tutor monthly subscription plan before January 2022 (because the latter already permits access to most questions in this quiz). Future quizzes that are appropriate for existing monthly subscribers (members) will be published – these will be clearly indicated in their description.


  • 24 CPHQ exam practice questions that address items in the “Patient Safety” content category
  • Clear and concise explanation for the correct answer to each question
  • Quiz access period of 7 days
  • Specially crafted by a CPHQ with more than 14 years’ experience helping healthcare professionals achieve CPHQ certification
  • Recommended for any candidate preparing to take the CPHQ exam except past or current monthly subscribers (members) who signed up before January 2022 (because the monthly subscription plan already includes access to most questions in this quiz)

Version 13.2.4